Dangerous, Not Foolish: The Citizens United Case

Our founding fathers absolutely, unequivocally did not want a plutocracy. They were men of a certain means, very well educated but they each understood the dangers posed by vast wealth and power held in the hands of a few, to their ultimate vision of a democratic republic. Their biggest confidence lay in the fourth estate, the newspapers and writers to educate and challenge the people of this country and now in our present day with corporations owning all the media outlets and living by the ratings and profits code our fourth estate has failed in its mandate as set up by our founding fathers. We need to come together as a nation and push our lawmakers to put a constitutional amendment to invalidate the Citizens United ruling and send a message to the Justices of the Supreme Court that we reject their “jurisprudence” and our lawmakers and democracy will not be bought or at least we won’t allow it to be made legal.
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