Rand Paul Fetal Personhood Amendment Stalls Flood Insurance Bill (UPDATE)

If Rand is truly a libertarian than act like it and do not try to insert man made laws of self-determination into senate bills that are trying to be passed for other important issues such as flood insurance which if we would recall last year was a huge deal. A fertilized egg cannot be a person; I am a mother and I have carried babies but when they are gestating in the womb they are practically acting like a parasite taking all the nourishment from the mother so until the baby is born the mother is the only PERSON in the equation. A baby born gets to graduate to person hood, not before then. This idea is fraught with danger for pregnant women regardless if they want to be pregnant or not. These amendments need to go away, women have the right to decide what happens to their bodies, period. It is not for men to decide and absolutely not for lawmakers or employers, which if you recall the republicans wanted to let employers have a say in contraception. A women’s body is her own.
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