Lobbyist Gets Real: Washington Is ‘The Most Complex And Intricate Web Of BS In The World’ (VIDEO)

Wow, this guy is good, turn the tables and deflect the original question. I have learned through the years to be very wary of people like him. They are the ones who are the most dangerous, they never answer to the charges or to the accountability of their actions, they are master manipulators and very capable of derailing legitimate exercises in constructive debate. Anyway regardless of his deflection, the pressing issue is how to course correct the narrative of the economic discussion in our country? It used to be that the C.E.O’s focus was on the profitability of the overall company, not just the shareholder’s, that changed when C.E.O pay became linked to share price. The company’s workers used to matter, happy employees meant excellent products and happy consumers, now it seems that the executives don’t care whatsoever for their workers, their consumers, the only thing that matters are the shareholders and Wall Street. I remember learning that investment and stock market were gambles and it was meant to be that way, the bigger the risk the greater the prize and that bank accounts were for those who sought security. Now it seems that the wealthy no longer have the stomach for risk, but they still seem to expect the big payoffs. That wasn’t the original idea, but somehow they found the way to socialize the risk and privatize the gains.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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