Scott Walker: Mitt Romney Would Have Won Wisconsin Had He Stood For ‘Reformer,’ Not ‘Rich Guy’

When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his policies took Massachusetts down to bottom where Wisconsin is right now. Romney stripped higher education of its funding, outsourced tons of jobs and made Massachusetts the guinea pig for the republican version of universal health care, ironically, it is precisely Romney’s test pilot project that has become one of President Obama’s signature pieces of legislation, so I don’t know if Romney was really running as a rich person and not some kind of reformer. However, Romney couldn’t deny or get away from the fact that he was the embodiment of what republicans and the 1% celebrate; job outsourcing, denying union participation, corporate raidership, front loading small companies with debt, charging them with astronomical management fees and bankrupting them, effectively costing communities thousands of jobs, all in the name of higher, more astronomical profits and last but not least, Romney and his class’s insistence that taxes are the problem and their insistence that since they are in an income bracket that affords them the ability to live in gated communities, buy whatever medical care they want, send their children to private schools, pay for their own private security, private planes and essentially private everything, they don’t need to participate in our society. It doesn’t seem right that these wealthy persons can also buy their own votes in government, it stinks that they can own their own senators and representatives, we, ordinary people only have our ballot and we see how far that gets us.
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