Rand Paul Appeals To New Hampshire GOP, Urges Diversity

Rand Paul’s words are easy to say, not so easy to live by, for many conservatives, at least that is what I think given what I have seen recently. Their actions within their conservative circles show that they aren’t ready to embrace all races, genders and creeds. Their immigration bill is being gummed up by anti-gay amendments, Rand Paul himself said that he wouldn’t have voted for the Civil Rights Act, the amount of legislation being turned out dictating how a woman should or should not be able to choose her reproductive methods of planning a family is quite disheartening, the various state legislative bodies who adopted severe restrictions on voting rights for poor and minority voters, and the list goes on, as to how Rand Paul’s facile words do not honestly reflect the true nature of the conservative right wing in this country. The Republican Party knows that they are in trouble, they just do not want to do the necessary soul searching and serious reflection that would lead them to becoming a more inclusive party. Offering up pretty words is not the mark of a true leader, it is the actual work and deeds that show people that you mean what you say and there hasn’t been a single republican leader who has taken that step.
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