Ted Cruz: ‘I Don’t Trust The Republicans’ (VIDEO)

I don’t trust senator Cruz with any decision regarding our state of the union. I find it curious that some tea party activists accuse institutions for higher learning to be conclaves of liberal ideology and then Harvard graduates someone like Ted Cruz, go figure. We keep hearing doomsday rhetoric from the extreme right about deficits and our debt, yet the stock market continues to outperform itself, the wealthiest in this nation have captured most of the recovery gains and corporations are sitting on hoards of cash. The only segment of the population that is hurting are those that the tea party in its entirety vote against, and yes I am saying that the tea party reliably votes against the economic interests of the middle class, the working class and the working poor and we all know that the right at every point on the spectrum votes against the poor, you bet your bottom dollar on that. So Ted Cruz, I don’t know what you are complaining about: deficits are declining and a debt that isn’t what you are making it out to be, a debt created by Wall Street’s irresponsible economic behavior, I suppose that if you didn’t complain, you wouldn’t have much of a reason to justify your presence there since it is obvious you aren’t here to help the American people.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost


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