Why is it that for every step forward, something happens to propel the movement a few steps back? I can only imagine how frustrated the Obama administration must feel by these challenges and injunctions, however as we have seen during these past eight years, our President conducts himself alongside his administration with grace and dignity […]

We need to demand more from our news organizations, we should mandate that they refuse to treat the Trump transition as normal because it isn’t, Trump’s picks are the bottom of the barrrel in terms of common decency and I am angry anytime a news anchor speaks to the Obama transition, those days were hopeful […]

Chuck Schumer is a Wall Street democrat, but I think he even realizes how hollow Wall Street is to the values of your average American. He has to be smart and embrace Bernie, Warren, Sherrod Brown and Al Franken, Schumer needs a strong phalanx of working people democrats to hold off the deregulation and tax […]

I didn’t want him to settle either, I wanted admission of guilt and restitution paid to the victims. This settlement is similar to all the settlements every big bank has agreed to, pay off the victims while you get to remain in the clear without admitting any bad behavior. I hope this story remains front […]

We should not view this presidency as the new normal. I don’t want my lawmakers to validate any divisive, bigoted attitudes in government. I understand the damage six long years of republican obstructionism did to our nation, we could have had better economic outcomes for average households sooner if the Republican Party would have at […]

Each nomination, each appointment is an action, Trump has moved beyond rhetoric and words, his choices clearly point to what he was thinking when he decided to appoint Steve Bannon as chief strategist to the White House. Senator Sessions as Attorney General would put our Civil Rights progress in even more jeopardy than it has […]

I am living with metastasized squamous cell esophageal carcinoma, I just had head surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my skull. My entire medical team; my neurosurgeons, my medical oncologists, my radiologists and my research team are in mourning over the results of the election. They are beyond concerned for all their patients who […]