Trump Offers Jeff Sessions Attorney General Job

Each nomination, each appointment is an action, Trump has moved beyond rhetoric and words, his choices clearly point to what he was thinking when he decided to appoint Steve Bannon as chief strategist to the White House. Senator Sessions as Attorney General would put our Civil Rights progress in even more jeopardy than it has thus far endured with our Conservative Supreme Court. Our election this year was plagued by voter suppression though you wouldn’t know it if you only listened to our corporate media. We must be proactive and keep a running tab on every single appointment, every single action because they will all add up to more and more disenfranchised people, who will only be more vulnerable and marginalized. This is serious, 47% of our nation chose to put a greedy, bigoted, inexperienced, narcissistic and authoritarian person in the Oval Office, along with the establishment of the Republican Party at the helm of both the House and Senate, how bad can these four years get? I am scared to find out.

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