GOP Toys With The Lives Of Millions By Keeping Obamacare Plan A Mystery

I am living with metastasized squamous cell esophageal carcinoma, I just had head surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from my skull. My entire medical team; my neurosurgeons, my medical oncologists, my radiologists and my research team are in mourning over the results of the election. They are beyond concerned for all their patients who have life threatening diseases, chronic illnesses, all because of the pre-existing condition, they understand how the ACA was put into place to make health insurance companies spread the risk across the board to be able to provide health insurance to those who are managing deadly illnesses. You cannot repeal and replace the ACA while keeeping the ban on pre-existing conditions without going outside the ideological agenda that makes up the Republican Party. Those who voted for Trump made deliberate ill-informed choices, they are going to suffer even more under the economic and political policies Trump’s administration and the Republican Party will unleash on America, Wall Street in certain sectors such as coal, oil, big banks and pharma are lighting up like a pinball machine, unfortunately the 99% most likely aren’t going to get to play much, they’ll be too busy trying to keep their heads above water as usual.

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