This Hedge Fund Billionaire Is The Biggest Winner In Donald Trump’s Victory

It should be obvious to everyone that we are now headed back to epic financial deregulation, tax cutting and socialization of economic losses while Wall Street benefits from the privatization of the public good. Donald Trump was never interested in making middle America’s economic lives better, his economic blueprint was proof positive of that, if anyone took the time to read it. Trump’s basic plan had been analyzed by about 300 economists and they found it sorely lacking. We are now embarked on a supplyside economic train headed to worse economic uncertainty in a myriad of ways, starting by health care insurance coverage or lack thereof, to public education and right to infrastructure funding, Trumps’s latest plan for our federal highways points to privatization in many capacities and that translates into tolls and fees for the average American. Louis C.K stated plainly that a vote for Trump was a sucker’s bet, unless you were in the 1%, I think Louis C.K was right in his assessment.

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