Climate Scientists Are Very Worried About A Trump Presidency

I have previously written about the short shrift “adults” have given to the millennials, accusing them of being entitled, spoiled and out of touch. I strongly believe it is the very opposite, millennials came out and voted for the future, instead, it was the most selfish generation, the Baby Boomer generation, that betrayed our nation’s ideals. The Baby Boomer generation has been the generation of entitlement, greed and exploitation, as long as they have theirs, that is all that mattters. The white female/male demographic that chose to put a bigoted, climate change denier, fossil fuel champion, misogynistic and student debt crisis denier is the reason why the next generation will continue to slide backwards, instead of being given the opportunity to climb up the ladder of possibility. We have a climate change planetary crisis, it is time for everyone to get on board, exactly how President Obama negotiated during his eight years in office, not pull out now and do the very opposite by going backwards. The white slice of the Baby Boomer generation betrayed future generations and will be remembered for it, a very different legacy than that of the Greatest Generation isn’t it, shame on those Baby Boomers.

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  1. As a non-American watching the lunacy unfold across the Atlantic, my biggest fear concerns the demise of the Paris Climate Accords and the wholehearted embrace of coal and other fossil fuels by DJT. Yes, many found them lacking but they were a positive step and now the US (and China quickly behind them) will leave it in ruins. It’s a dark day.

    1. I am in mourning 😦

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