Trump Says The FBI Clearing Clinton Is More Proof The System Is ‘Rigged’

FBI Director Comey did not do our democracy any favors last Friday when he delivered his distressingly vague letter to Congress. I knew that there was nothing to be found on Weiner’s laptop that would hurt Hillary Clinton, I am beyond over and done with the entire e-mail controversy. I would argue that the news media has deliberately impeded our ability to get informed over the vital economic, domestic and foreign policy issues that separate our two candidates. Has anyone looked over Trump’s plan to cut 100 billion from climate change initiatives and projects, not to mention getting rid of certain key agencies? Trump is once again using the ridiculous to blind us to his larger plans which is to green light Paul Ryan’s goal of privatizing all that is a common good in this nation. Trump is going to try to delegitimize the F.B.I’s finding because it is part of the political landscape he wants to tear down, he is also going to sow doubt everywhere he can, to keep the divisions alive and well. He is a menace to our democracy and we have to shut him down firmly and decisively.

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