Melania Trump Is Very Upset By People Who Bully Others On The Internet

As I was reading the comments of the nameless people quoted in the article, I was surprised at how differently people can view others. I am speaking of the accusations of classlessness and lack of dignity shown by our First Family, what worldview informs these people? I have seen nothing but grace, dignity, class, compassion and intelligence emanate from our wonderful First Family and I am so sad to see the go, I will miss them terribly; flip to the featured speaker Melania Trump and how tone deaf can the speech have been considering who she is married to, did she read the speech before she uttered its words? Trump is the bully terrorizing America and like bully victims we can’t escape his toxic and vile comments and attitudes. We must all band together on Tuesday and vote Hillary Clinton, put an accomplished, serious and impassioned public servant in office, we have to put this awful chapter behind us and get to a healing place.

Read the article:


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