First Poll Since James Comey Announcement Shows No Effect On Hillary Clinton — Yet

I think we have achieved peak email news, this latest revelation may have backfired because it smells a little fishy in my opinion. There are too many on the right who are criticizing Comey which brings another perspective to the fore, his partisanship which has no place in electoral politics. I am voting for Hillary Clinton’s because she is more than qualified, she has the intelligence, compassion, discipline and grace to be a strong President. We have been given the short shrift on important policy discussions during this campaign cycle, the focus has solely been on sexual assault, bigotry, exclusionary politics and privacy issues. We haven’t been well served by our media, our pundits or even the national political committees. I sincerely hope this election will be remembered as an aberration and will serve as an important lesson to all.

Read the article:


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