Someone Was Actually Arrested For In-Person Voter Fraud. She’s A Trump Supporter.

The irony doesn’t get any clearer than with this example. I know Bill Maher firmly believes that we are plagued with a somewhat significant group of low information voters and apparentantly they reside in the Trump camp. What was going through this woman’s mind, that she actually thought breaking the law would “unrig” the election. I firmly beIieve that if everyone does their civic duty and goes to the polls, casts their ballots, we will wake up on November 9th to a sane world. The only way we could enter a nightmare scenario is if people stay home out of apathy or depression and that is not the right thing to do, we have a moral responsibility to each other to make sure that the leader of the free world is someone who is dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, due diligent, courageous and temperamentally fit. It is astonishing that with Trump’s candidacy, the phrase temperamentally fit needs to be underlined, we have never had that worry before he came our way. Vote blue!

Read the article:


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