FBI Probe Into Anthony Weiner Turned Up Emails Possibly Connected To Hillary Clinton’s Case

As our beloved Bernie Sanders forcefully stated “we’re tired of these damn e-mails!” The media furor yesterday morning before the complete story was investigated fed the typical republican narrative and therefore for them it was case closed. I found it took a little too long for the nuances to be brought to the fore, it had nothing to do with the servers, it was found on other devices and most likely nothing of note will be found. The desire for fair and balanced has morphed into a dangerous form of false equivalence. On the one hand we have a man who is intellectually deficient, morally bankrupt and tempreramentallly unfit to lead our nation. On the other hand we have a candidate who has dedicated her adult life to public service, has the breadth of experience never before seen in a presidential candidate, believes in climate change, recognizes the struggles of average Americans and has detailed policy explaining her goals and strategies. How can this election be this close?

Read the article:



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