Donald Trump Picked The Wrong State To Call Obamacare A ‘Catastrophic Event’

Since we are stubbornly determined to allow profits to dominate our healthcare system, we shouldn’t be surprised that private corporations will do what is best for their investors, instead of what is best for patients. Health insurance will effect everyone at some point, there is no such thing as being a consumer, we are all patients and when one is ill, it can be harmful to one’s health to be forced to fight for coverage. The Republican Party had ample time to pitch in and help make the law stronger, they could have supported funding the risk corridor, a tool designed to help health insurance companies absorb losses from previous years due to the influx of sicker patients, at least in the beginning to solidify the law. Instead they wasted years, coming together as a bloc, voting to repeal the law without anything to replace it. That is not governance, that is an ideological temper tantrum. We on the left, when we aren’t happy with a law, we do our due diligence and bring a plan to the table, we come prepared to govern, that is the responsible thing to do when the people elect you to work on their behalf in government.

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