Harry Reid Warns Of ‘Constitutional Crisis’ If Democrats Don’t Win Back The Senate

The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves at the thought that a major political party would be so consumed by ideology that they would render the third branch of government ineffectual, thereby weakening our democracy, a democracy bound by laws. The Republican Party tells us day after day how sancrosanct the Constitution is to our freedoms as Americans and yet some like Ted Cruz don’t have a problem leaving the Supreme Court in limbo, the Supreme Court Justices have spoken out to the detrimental nature that an eight numbered membership has on its mandate. We have to vote the Senate blue and get our Supreme Court back to work, we have important legal and constitutional questions that need to be addressed. Once again, we have evidence that if you let the Republican Party call the shots, nothing positive comes about, it is all about policing women and their reproductive rights, allowing big business to run roughshod over the consumer and repealing regulations right and left. I want my representatives to do more for me, not fatten corporate America’s wallet at my expense. Vote blue.

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