Trump Loyalists Planned Voter Intimidation Using Fake ID Badges, Fake Exit Polling — Until HuffPost Asked Them About It

Honestly, the real voter fraud is voter suppression, so are these so called “voter protectors” going to pour salt on the wound? There can’t be behavior more insulting than trying to intimidate someone from voting for their candidate, especially when they often have to go to great lengths to exercise their right in certain states. I am lucky, in my small town, we may have Trump supporters, but I know they won’t be hovering next to me, trying to scare me to vote against my best interest which is to elect Hillary Clinton. Doesn’t everyone know that in a developed democracy, flawed as ours may be in terms of making voting more difficult for certain demographics, only losers cry foul and rigged outcomes. We still have investigative journalists, if this had been an issue in the past, we would have heard about it by now. I feel confident that our election polling will not let us down, fraud will not be an issue, I just hope voter intimidation won’t be a problem, that would be most unfortunate

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