Donald Trump Says He Wants To Cut ‘70 To 80 Percent’ Of Regulations

Isn’t this enough to prove Trump doesn’t have a clue as to what we need as Americans to lead safe lives? It’s easy to say that you’re a fan of clean water, clean air and clean soil, the distinction between being a leader and captain obvious is formulating a strategy that gets those results. Hillary Clinton has several plans dedicated to the environment on her website, she is prepared to do what she can as President to ensure we have clean water, air and soil while propelling new industries, job training and new employment opportunities. On the other hand, Trump wants to do away with the E.P.A, the very agency that specifically safeguards our environment. Regulations are necessary in our society, every single advance won by Americans was done by fighting, protesting, strikes and finally legislation, never by the good graces of business, so when Trump boasts that he will get rid of 70%-80% regulations, know that he is only looking out for big business and not the rest of us.

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