Hillary Clinton Seems Very Serious About Thumping Big Business

It’s about time, in my opinion bigger doesn’t mean better by any measure, we have had an epidemic of mergers and acquisitions since the 2000’s and it hasn’t made our lives any easier. These mergers have caused joblessness, increased consumer costs and worse services and products. We have labels now, Big Banks, Big Agriculture, Big Pharmaceuticals, Big Oil and we the people feel powerless against them. We have a handful of senators who have been fighting on our behalf such as Senator Sanders, Senator Warren and Senator Brown to name a few. I sincerely hope that a Clinton administration will redirect funding to the Justice Department and their white collar division, any division dedicated to keeping monopolies and market dominance at bay and maintain that commitment for the administration’s duration. I am certain that our progressive senators will be more than willing to aid in this effort, if only for the good of the people and our economy. We need to move forward, build up more entrepreneurship and generate greater respect for the medium size companies who suffer because Big Business siphons off all the attention and subsidies from our present congress. If we elect Clinton, I feel confident the conversation will turn to Main Street and its economic possibilities, especially if we give her a blue Senate and bluer House.

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