Elizabeth Warren Warns Democrats Not To Cave On Corporate Tax Reform

I can’t say it enough, I’m so proud of my senator, she speaks to the concerns of the working and middle classes and she isn’t shy to stand up to the wealthy and Corporate America. We have data that shows how middle and working class, alongside corporate America, prospered economically during the 1950’s and 1960’s where the tax code was much more progressive. Fast forward to Reaganomics, or trickle down economic theory, and what did we witness? The decline of the middle class and working class to the point where wages have stagnated until very recently and the tax burden has fallen predominantly on the shrinking middle class. Corporate America used to provide 30% of the tax revenue which contributed to infrastructure investment and maintenance, public education and much more, I know the right wing loves to state that at 35% the U.S corporate tax rate is the highest in the world, but we all know that with all of the loopholes in our convoluted tax code, our corporations pay very little in taxes. Progressives are asking for economic justice, not demonization, simply for the wealthy and Corporate America to do the right thing, the middle and working classes are collapsing under the great burden of keeping our nation above water. It’s time for the 1% to contribute their fair share without resorting to the tired false narrative that they are the job creators, the 99% are the real job creators, our massive size and purchasing power is what drives the consumer engine. Moreover Corporate America needs to stop filling our heads with the threat of increases in consumer prices, that is a canard, smoke and mirrors, aimed at confusing us because if you haven’t noticed, each time a C.E.O gets a huge payday, we never hear that it will jack up the prices, we only hear of price increase when workers ask for raises. Interesting isn’t it? I hope Senator Warren is successful in her fight on our behalf, I’m confident she won’t give up.

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