Pro-Trump Congressman: ‘Sometimes A Lady Needs To Be Told When She’s Being Nasty’

“Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman” is such a common refrain amongst the Trump supporters I run into whenever I try to change their minds and their belief that Hillary is a liar. Growing up in New York, I grew up with the over the top Trump shenanigans in real estate, his womanizing and his bigotry, I know deep in my heart that this man is not suited for any position in government, let alone the presidency. Hillary calls him out with a zing on taxes and all he has in his arsenal of comebacks is the sexist “such a nasty woman”? Women have had to endure that ridiculous phrase every time they stand up for themselves when disagreeing with men, using knowledge and facts, winning the argument, thus becoming the nasty woman. Women are frankly tired of it and it’s about time men understand that it isn’t okay. When a man loses an argument with another man in a professional setting, do they resort to name calling? I should hope not.

Read the setting:


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