Here’s Why It’s Not Cool That Donald Trump Wants The Constitution Interpreted The Way The Founding Fathers Did

His statements make it painfully obvious that he doesn’t understand the Constitution, much less ever read it. The Constitution is our brilliant framework from which we have built an evolving democracy, it is because of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that we have been able to fight for equality, still fighting to be clear, and to have our voices heard. Donald Trump and his supporters represent something I cannot understand, they see the world and our place in it so differently than I do, I cannot put myself in their head space. How can anyone who watched Trump’s debate performance believe he’s prepared to be President? He speaks with the same aptitude as some very young children, he doesn’t have command of facts and when he is challenged he resorts to name calling, it is destressing to say the least. I don’t think Donald Trump understands the implications of what he said in reference to following the Constitution as how the founding fathers intended in the late 1770’s and for that reason and many others, Donald Trump has no business being President.

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