Republicans May Block Any Of Clinton’s Supreme Court Nominees, McCain Says

I would think that I would be shocked by McCain’s words, but after several years of unapologetic obstructionism, why should a female president have it any different than an African-American president? The Republican Party justified their refusal to confirm Merrick Garland on the illegitimate grounds that the Supreme Court Justice nomination didn’t belong to a lame duck President, they would only allow the nomination process to our next President, so they lied. They are going to allow our democracy to hobble along on two legs instead of strongly moving forward on three solid legs. Our democracy requires 9 Supreme Court Justices, how are we decide important issues if our Supreme Court is at a tie? I sincerely hope that the senate swings back to blue, we need to get our lawmakers back to work, we have had enough time with the republicans in charge to see that they aren’t interested in working together to move important legislation forward. I will be voting for Hillary and other democrats down the ballot, I hope others follow suit.

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