Democrats Raise More Than $13,000 To Rebuild Firebombed GOP Office

We need much more of these examples, people coming together in a time of need regardless of ideology, broadcast on the news. I know that acts of charity such as this one occur far more often, unfortunately they most likely aren’t considered “newsworthy” because they don’t attract the level of ratings desired, therefore are under reported, thereby getting lost in the national conversation. I have noticed that republicans often lament the breakdown of community, I think they limit themselves in their narrow definition of community, we are all active participants in this very large community that is our nation, we are all different but we share the common bonds of humanity and geography. Once you peel away the labels and the fear those labels produce, you will find similar hopes, goals and dreams. It takes courage to look past the exterior and find out what is underneath, we have the courage inside ourselves and we owe it to our community to bring it to the surface.

Read the article:


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