Donald Trump Seems To Question, Yet Again, Whether Obama Is A Legitimate President

The contrast between the republican nominee and our President is stark. When I see our President I feel pride and admiration, he is intelligent, poised, compassionate and carries himself himself with grace, humor and elegance. Michele Obama told us that when they go low, you go high and our President lives his life by those words. Donald Trump could only dream to be a modicum of the man our President is, Trump embodies the worst example of what we don’t want our boys to grow up to be and what we don’t want our men to act like in private and certainly not in public. I am only speaking of his character compared to our President’s, forget about Trump’s limited intellect, his ignorance of economic, foreign and domestic policy, there isn’t enough time to go through his deficits in detail. Sadly when you look at Trump’s candidacy, you realize how spoiled we were during our President’s administrations. We deserve better than Trump and we have a candidate more than capable in Hillary Clinton, vote Clinton/Kaine2016.

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