Friday Talking Points — Trump Unshackled

I think we, the people, need a vacation at a spa to recover from this campaign season, the right’s descent into madness has been too painful to watch day in and day out. I enjoy writing about political matters, I enjoy reading and commenting about the legislative process, unfortunately with congress yet again absent from Washington, they are busy campaigning, I find myself with only Trump to write about, an unsavory necessity because he is such a vile candidate/person. As a transplanted New Yorker, I grew up watching Trump and his shenanigans, it was entertaining to wonder how he would manage to dig himself out of his financial holes, but I never thought he would be so arrogant as to think he would be qualified to be in public office, never mind fit for the presidency. There is only one choice to make to ensure that our Oval Office is inhabited by an accomplished, measured and intelligent person and that is to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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