Mike Pence Won’t Answer An 11-Year-Old Girl’s Question About Donald Trump Objectifying Women

I was watching Pence being interviewed by CBS This Morning while reading this article, I was yelling at the screen, “Nora ask him why he didn’t adequately respond to the 11 year old girl over her negative self-image thanks to Trump’s ugly words”. I don’t know why I expect Pence to do what is right by women because he is as dangerous as Trump when it comes to women’s rights. I suppose I wanted him to take responsibility for aligning himself with a misogynistic, bigoted bully. I don’t want Pence anywhere near domestic policy, just look at Indiana, his homophobia has unleashed an HIV epidemic in a county which should never have happened in 2016. His religious beliefs have no business being used as a basis for his legislative agenda. Women have the right to reproductive freedom, Pence is not for small government because he believes in using the government to police a woman’s uterus, directly interfering with a woman’s reproductive freedom, in direct defiance to “conservative values” in my opinion. Tim Kaine understands the separation of church and state and it doesn’t give him an issue, I respect that and I respect him.

Read the article:



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