Juanita Broaddrick’s Rape Allegation Is A Story About Bill Clinton, Not Hillary

My question to Trump supporters is: if Bill Clinton’s behavior was so damning as to make him unfit for President and so you argue, by virtue of guilt by association, is Hillary Clinton, then how can you accept a man, who according to several women, has pushed his unwelcome advances upon them? I grew up in Astoria, Queens, a stone’s throw from Manhattan, during Trump’s heyday, I went to N.Y.U, I worked in the village, Trump was in the limelight, having fun and then it started to turn sideways for him. I remember reading the Art of the Deal and being unimpressed by his business acumen, but instead, being shocked by his con man tactics. I didn’t respect his bragging over using other people’s money to game the system in order to make his own personal fortune, at the expense of investors and subcontractors. Trump’s misogynistic mindset isn’t the only disqualifier, it is one of many, but if one is serious about protecting a woman’s right to reproductive freedom and pay equality, then you can not vote for Trump. I know that with Hillary Clinton as President, my reproductive freedoms will be safe and she will fight for equality for all.

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