You Knew Who Trump Was When You Endorsed Him, Republican Leaders

This latest scandal over Trump’s treatment and misogynistic views towards women shouldn’t come as a surprise to the Republican Party, the writing was on the wall. Moreover pretending that they themselves are above such behavior is as much a slap in the face to women, then if they vocalised how they really viewed women. The Republican Party as a whole has voted against bills that would have advanced women’s rights, they actively seek to legislate and control women’s reproductive freedoms and they often indulge in victim shaming and blaming in cases of sexual assault. As a woman I cannot understand how other women identify as republicans politically, I just try to write about my political views, sign petitions and donate to Planned Parenthood in order to help advance the cause for reproductive freedoms and equality under the law. Donald Trump is the last person who would advocate for women, that should be obvious by now.

Read the article:


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