Why A President Trump Could Be ‘A Threat To Animals Everywhere’

I’m not surprised by the Trump family’s disdain for the preservation, safety and well-being of the animal world, they all view themselves to be on top of the food chain, both literally and figuratively. If it isn’t obvious by now, then you will never see it, Trump subscribes to a Social Darwinian worldview, he is, in his eyes, successful because he has good genes, therefore he deserves to be on top. In his mind, if you aren’t wealthy, it’s a direct result of your substandard genes, condemning you to being a loser. He has said so himself,though I have paraphrased his words, his intent is clear. A Trump presidency would be disastrous to us all, man and animal alike, Trump cares for one but himself, he views regulations as obstacles to profit, rules to be broken and let the losers fend for themselves. Animals don’t have the luxury of voting which is why it falls to us to step up and exercise our civic duty for ourselves and the voiceless. Animal cruelty should no longer be a thing, a vote for Trump means that it will sadly continue to exist and it is on us to prevent it.

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