Tennessee Mom Throws A Fit When Her Daughter Learns About Islam In School

Education is key to defeating fear, fear is the mind killer, if you allow fear to guide your life choices, you will make choices based on hate because fear engenders hate. Why is religion so powerful? I think, partly because organized religion preys on the fears of their followers, fear of hell, fear of their God’s displeasure and if education isn’t offered to the young, there is the potential for more fear and hate to continue a cycle of ostracism and violence. What I sincerely don’t understand is how some don’t realize that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three branches of an Abrahamic religion, you can see a physical representation of their common heritage right in the city of Jerusalem, the temple, the mosque and the chapel, when we appreciate the commonality between us, fear and hate are much harder to accept. There is nothing to fear from education, opening up one’s mind is a beautiful thing.

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