Mike Pence To America: Trump Never Said Those Things He Said

I chose not to watch last night because I already know who I am voting for, Hillary Clinton. However after reading and watching several clips, I am astounded at the depth of Mike Pence’s ability to betray his Christian values. How can anyone who professes to be a staunch Christian support a narcissistic, bigoted, faithless, serial cheating, misogynistic con artist person? I am a progressive, even though Kaine is against abortion because of his personal beliefs, he recognizes that his personal religious beliefs should stay separate from protecting women’s right to reproductive freedom as it is protected under Roe v Wade. I support Hillary Clinton because she is going to fight for living wages, expanding Social Security, she’s against the TPP, she’s for debt-free college, adding a public option and expanding Medicare, policies that can work for the 99% overall. I can’t watch debates because they give me so much anxiety, I need to read about them and watch the moments afterwards, when the dust has settled, it allows me to calmly digest and process the nuances that I would have missed if I had seen it through stress filled eyes. According to many sites, Pence won if you judged on style, he kept his sangfroid whereas Kaine came through as “rehearsed” and aggressive. However, if you choose to judge on substance, Kaine won because Pence lied a lot, he denied that Trump said the things that he actually said and since he denied them, he couldn’t really speak to policy without lying about the actual position his ticket would take. So in my opinion, Karine won because substance “trumps” style every day of the week.

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