Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Tax Avoidance Is Why Americans Are Angry With Corrupt System

How can Trump supporters still be for Trump after the New York Times reveal? The hypocrisy that his purported tax avoidance bought to light is astounding, here we have a candidate who repeatedly castigates President Obama for our weak military and yet he believes that stiffing our democracy of revenue is smart. We all pay, if we earn enough to pay federal income tax, into the system to fund our military, our roads, our schools and to subsidize our industries, among other things. However we have a candidate who has used the tax code to further his own personal wealth at the expense of his employees, his investors and us the taxpayer. He isn’t a good business man, he was a lucky son of a gun who was born into a wealthy family and his father did right by him. Donald Trump will never make America “great again” first of all, America is getting better every day because of us, the people and secondly, Donald Trump doesn’t have what it takes to be a leader, he will fail again at the next debate and have another meltdown afterwards, he is a whiny immature brat. We need an accomplished, competent, level-headed, intelligent person in the Oval Office and that person is Hillary Clinton.

Read the article:


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