GOP Admits Obama Judge Count Is More Important Than Fixing Judicial Crises

There is only one way to look at this, it is racism plain and simple. The Republican Party’s blatant obstructionism on judicial confirmations, other types of confirmations and the overall legislative process can only be laid at racism’s door, because to be frank, our President governs more center left than anything else, his ideology is one of pragmatism where compromise is given the respect it often deserves. Sadly for us as a nation, the Republican Party could not open its mind or eyes to working with our first African-American President. They have never entertained making an effort to meet our President halfway on any issue which is why we, the people, must wait for important things like a full Supreme Court, funding for Flint, Michigan or even funding for Zika vaccination research. Obviously this isn’t the proper way to govern, my question is how can this be acceptable to the Republican Party’s base, they suffer from a lack of legislative movement just like the rest of us, how do they square this round mess into their own little boxes?

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