Congress Acts Swiftly To Avoid Government Shutdown (UPDATE)

I am glad the Republican Party bent to the demands of reality, even if it came about because they are intent on getting home to campaign, and you can’t successfully defend your seat if you allow the government to shutdown again. It’s sad that serious disasters such as Flint, Michigan and the Louisiana floods take such a long time to be addressed, crises as large as these need action on a scale much larger than your ordinary person can manage, the fact that the Republican Party doesn’t want to allow the might of the federal system to help states in need, I find to be cold and heartless. We do better when we pull together, instead of struggling individually, a difference in ideology, but also a difference in problem solving, myself I prefer the shared experience, not the us versus them or pulling oneself up by one’s frayed bootstraps. I hope the residents of those states take heart now, knowing we are with them.

Read the article:


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