The Daughter Of A Man Born A Slave Just Opened The First National Black History Museum

I can only imagine what was going on in Ruth Odom’s mind and heart, being there with her family’s memories and history, standing next to the first African-American President and the First Lady. In all honesty, my imaginings don’t have a tether in reality because as a white person, I don’t have a clue as to the African-American experience, but I hope the National Black History Museum not only gives historical context, educational legitimacy, but also an emotional and spiritual validity to everyone who visits. The right wing myth, that racism was over before President Obama was elected, is proof positive that we desperately need this museum. Moreover, the cellphone video has forcibly opened our white eyes to what the African-American community has known for decades, being stopped as a white person by the police isn’t a matter of life or death as it is for the African-American. One more step on the road to understanding and hopefully comprehension.

Read the article:


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