Friday Talking Points — The Debate Wait

I have to confess I won’t be watching the debate Monday night, it is going to be too stressful, I will be following it on Twitter and then read about it after it is safe to come out from under the bed. I am so nervous about this election, not because of Trump the candidate, but his diehard fans. He has a strong 40% of the nation’s electorate completely on his side, I have met a few of them here in Massachusetts, they fervently believe Trump will make their economic lives better. I pointed out that Trump is personally making money off his campaign and they responded “more power to him”. They love the hard nosed businessman persona both Tony Schwartz and Mark Burnett created for entertainment purposes. They haven’t a clue that Trump is considered to be a joke in the construction industry, I know this because my husband is a construction executive in New York. Trump wants to pull back any gains made by working people because they get in the way of profits for his class, he is out for himself and his con men friends on the Street and whoever thinks otherwise, I have a very nice bridge to sell them.

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