Members Of Congress Rip Into Mylan CEO

Rep. Cummings hit the nail on the head when he said that ” It’s time for Congress to act”. As we just saw with Mister Strumph, the C.E.O of Wells Fargo, you can shame all you want, they are being paid the big bucks to endure the shame, they know what to say to get through the grilling session without having anything meaningful happen. Congress needs to follow through, after the grilling sessions, they must start writing legislation addressing the issues, not just walk away from question and answer part, thinking that was enough. Actually, there is something Congress can do, the public option is once again on the table, Congress can help make the ACA stronger by including the public option, hopefully making the private health insurance companies more competitive. It is clear to everyone that something must be done and the “free market” isn’t working, which shouldn’t be a surprise, so that leaves Congress. They need to step up to the task.
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