Michelle Obama’s Flawless Response On How Her Husband Shut Down Birthers

I am going to miss our First Lady, our President, the entire family, they have been an example of grace, compassion, intelligence and public service, it went by too quickly. If I were confident that Hillary Clinton would govern to the left of center, I would be looking forward to her presidency with hope and excitement. I know to the core of my being that Hillary Clinton is eminently qualified to be president by any measure, my standards however are reflective of the Progressive Caucus and I worry that in her pragmatism, she will be pulled center right and further cement corporate America’s hegemony over our economy. I wish someone would ask Hillary Clinton her thoughts on the damage that her husband’s policies did to average Americans, the 1994 crime bill, the welfare reform bill, repealing Glass/Steagal, the futures/commodities act, I would like to hear her prescriptions to change the trajectory of those policies. These are issues that interest me.

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