Running With Walking Pneumonia: A Teachable Moment

I find this all to be absurd, Hillary Clinton like so many of us was powering through an illness, that once under antibiotics isn’t contagious, although moderation and hydration are essential, and she succumbed to the heat. We have had our Presidents fall ill in the past and we were fine. I am more concerned with Trump’s mental disabilities, narcissism and pathological liar tendencies. If anyone reads his vague economic plan, they would understand that every single policy is a gift to the 1%, he feels that the average worker makes to much for companies to be competitive, how much less can the average person afford to take home? Bernie Sanders shifted Hillary Clinton the left, where the serious issues lie, living wages, debt free college, a public option in competition with private health insurance companies, and other policy options to tackle income inequality. These are issues that should be addressed, not tabloid style stories negating the seriousness of our presidency.

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