Americans Are Divided On The Best Way To Keep The Country Safe

We need more fact based and nuanced analysis of history and world events in our day to day news. Our news media is run as an entertainment forum, full of click bait and sensationalist headlines, all designed to attract viewers, not to inform them but to satisfy ad revenue. Our fourth estate has been equally transformed by our corporate culture that has taken a hold of our democracy since the 1980’s at the expense of labor, education and social welfare. We essentially live in a consumerist society at the mercy of a corporatocracy and until we find the means to dismantle their stranglehold on our democracy, our corporate media will fill our heads with whatever pleases the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, Wall Street, big agriculture and let us not forget big pharma. Until then, we all need to do our own research to form our own opinions, what with all of the leisure time afforded to the average worker, (dripping sarcasm).

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