Barack Obama Just Nominated A Muslim To Be A Federal Judge. That’s A First.

While I applaud once again President Obama’s actions, I am so frustrated that our Republican lawmakers will continue to ignore this recommendation as they have done with Merrick Garland, leaving us short staffed in the very important judicial department. Our Republican dominated legislature has been useless for years now, they haven’t done anything aside from the time they shut the Government down and I suppose voting to repeal the ACA 50 times counts as doing something, but other than these two things, they have gone on vacation while important items such as funding the CDC and NHIT in response to the Zika threat are left in limbo. Everyone must get out to the polls and vote the entire ticket, vote for lawmakers who understand that to be a public servant is to serve the people even when your team isn’t in charge and finding common ground isn’t so hard. 

Read the article:


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