Chris Wallace Won’t Call Candidates On Their Lies During Last Presidential Debate

What is Fox News’ tag line, “fair and balanced”? So since the word truth isn’t included, Wallace has no use for it? He likes to think of himself as being a journalist, didn’t he learn anything from his father’s example? In my opinion, a journalist at Fox News is nothing more than an entertainment journalist, the investigative journalist works elsewhere at respectable organizations. Considering who Hillary Vlinton is, I’m sure that Hillary Clinton will be properly prepared with facts, figures and analysis, she has to know that Chris Wallace won’t question what is said during the debate. If what I read is true, she has reached out to Tony Scharwtz for help with the debate preparations, in my opinion she chose a smart strategy, between Tony Scharwtz’s counsel and her own experiences with Donald Trump, she should be well prepared for anything Trump throws at her.

Read the article:


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