Tell-It-Like-It-Is Trump Becomes Teleprompter Donald

Why is so much thought and time wasted into making Trump into something he will never be, a public servant? There is nothing about Trump, not his personality, not his character, nor his temperament that remotely qualifies him for public service. The President of the United States must be President of all of the people, not just some of the people, there should be compassion, altruism, intelligence, tact, modesty and diplomacy inherent in their makeup. Donald Trump had none of those qualities, he is a thug, a bully and a conniver, he can’t run a casino correctly, I guess he never heard of the old saying “the house never loses.” The news media has betrayed the public with their 24/7 superficial entertainment coverage of all things Donald. However, despite the news media hack job, it shouldn’t take much analysis to realize that Donald Trump is a fraud and the worst choice to ever be put on a presidential election ballot.

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