Obama Just Gave 111 Federal Prisoners Back Their Freedom

I am so glad that President Obama is doing his part bringing much needed attention to the issues of incarceration, drug offense sentencing, prison overcrowding and racial justice. His decision to offer clemency to certain federal inmates isn’t the only solution, but the message it imparts is a step in the right direction and hopefully congress, state legislatures and the Department of Justice will take the hint and take some much needed initiative on criminal justice matters. Our war on drugs is such a wrongheaded social policy, it costs us billions of dollars on so many levels, it destroys lives, families and communities and it keeps racial injustice alive and well. We should examine Portugal’s experience with the decriminalization of drugs with the focus on drug treatment and rehabilitation, their results would surprise you in a good way, we should take a page from their playbook, it would be a welcome change from our current status quo.

Read the article:



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