Why The Decline Of Unions Has Lowered Pay For All Workers

I would argue that the decline of unions was a concerted premeditated action between corporate America, investors and the Republican Party of the 1970’s and 1980’s, after the 80’s, the Wall Street Democrats helped do their part by supporting neoliberal economic policies. Sadly union leadership has gotten a lot of negative press over charges of corruption over the years, diminishing the tremendous good unions as a whole have done for workers over the past 100 years. Moreover, the advances made by unions such as double time, overtime, pensions and benefits have all been eroded by corporate power because with the shift in the balance of power becoming almost completely unbalanced in favor of the employer, there is no one to defend those gains. What amazes me is that corporate America has convinced us that union wages are too expensive, consumers can’t afford it because employee gains have to be paid for somewhere and that somewhere will be in the price of the product or service, yet corporate America never apologizes for the exponential increase in C.E.O compensation, stock buybacks or dividends. We have to realize that the real job creators are the workers, the consumers in this consumerist society, if we were paid living wages, we would be expanding our economy in a virtuous cycle, everyone would do well, though maybe the 1% would have to give up an infinitesimal percentage of their gains, sadly greed colors their perception of the common good, they would rather have an economy that works for them rather than for everyone.

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