The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Thrilled By Hillary Clinton’s Denunciation

There is the human race made up of a multitude of cultural varieties, but at the most fundamental level we are all human beings. Our differences strength us as a whole, if we were all alike, I’m not sure our species would thrive. Donald Trump is appealing to the baser of our instincts, fear, fear is the mind killer, it leads to many bad decisions. I read somewhere that intelligence and racism cannot co-exist, if you mindfully examine the rationale for racism, it is based on fear which begets hatred and is a purely emotional response to one’s perceived slights. Racism is also a convenient justification for economic exploitation and political domination, how better to keep a group down then by determining one is superior to them. We must confront racism in all of its expressions, not only socially but at the institutional and societal levels as well. Donald Trump would only strengthen the ugly barriers that separate us, we cannot have that, we are stronger together and it is our responsibility as a society in the 21st century to dismantle racism and its policies at every level.

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