Khizr Khan Challenges Donald Trump To Take A Naturalization Test

I took the practice test to see if Trump would have found it challenging, I found it to be easy, but I specialized in political science at school so I was able to part the cob webs and score 20/20. Since I have gathered from Trump’s own words that he is not an avid reader and not particularly intellectually curious, he may get stuck on some of the questions. Grade school history feels like a lifetime ago. We expect much from our President, we entrust much with the office, in my opinion, a potential President must be open-minded, intellectually curious, a student of history, compassionate and dignified. President Obama has set the bar very high, I fear we are going to be disappointed unless Hillary Clinton holds to the progressive platform, if she does that, we will be happily surprised. Don’t forget, America doesn’t like Hillary Clinton when she runs, but once she’s elected, her approval ratings rise very quickly, she gets the job done. Trump on the other hand is notorious for running away when the going gets tough, not very admirable in my opinion.
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